Kings Langley PuffaTen
Kings Langley PuffaTen
10k, 3k and 1.5k race - 19th June, 2022
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General Race Information

Sunday 19th June 2022

1.5k - 10:00 am start
3k - 10:15 am start
10k - 10:30 am start - Min age 15 on day of race.

On the day registration and entry
On the day registration and entry will close 5 minutes before each race. Use link below to pre-enter online.

Already received Race Number
If you have received your race number in the post there is no need to register on race day. Bring your race number with you on race day. Please write on the reverse of the race number to indicate your name, an emergency contact name and contact telephone number and any important medical information, such as medication being taken. Please attach your race number to the front of your top or vest. We cannot provide replacement numbers.

Race Information Centre & Bag Drop
The Race Information Centre, Late Registration and Red Cross First Aid area are located close to the start on the lower field. The radio communication service RAYNET is also located here. Radio contact with various points of the course and the relaying of information on the race from race leader to tail-enders is part of the RAYNET service. There will also be an information desk for queries about the race and a secure baggage area.   Please note that baggage is left at competitor’s own risk.  In the interests of efficiency, it would be appreciated if runners could leave this area as soon as possible

Weather/ Illness/ Hydration before the start
The race will take place in most weather conditions. Please ensure that you have suitable clothing for before, during and after the event for the conditions. If it is sunny please ensure that you use adequate sun cream that will last the duration of the race.

Running puts significant demands on your body. Please do not attempt to start the race if you have been unwell in the few days before the event. This is for your safety. Please ensure that you have your own supply of water you wish to consume before the start and you are adequately hydrated before the event. 

During the races
  • Water station at the finish of all races and around the 5k point in the 10k race. Ensure that you hydrate sufficiently, even if this means slowing down, but be aware of over-hydration.
  • If it is a hot day consider carrying your own bottle of water with you, especially if you intend to be on the course for some time.
  • You are asked to drop any litter from water stations or energy gel wrappers at locations near to marshals on the course, who will have refuse sacks, or carry it with you until you can use a suitable litter bin. Any runner seen deliberately littering may face any penalties under the law.
  • Distance markers will be placed along the course at one-kilometre intervals, except for the first kilometre marker which is placed just before the route passes under the A41. Signs are placed as near as is physically possible to the location indicated by the course measurer.

IPOD & MP3 players
The Race Director has taken advice from UK Athletics that IPod and MP3 Players should not be worn whilst running.(You can now be disqualified under UK Athletics Rule 210(8). The Race Referee has the power to disqualify any runner who does not follow the correct course or obey the instructions of a race official after consultation with the Race Director).

Race Numbers
Race numbers are also individual to you, Under UKA rule 209 it is illegal to swap or transfer to another participant without the race organiser’s permission. Your number must not be folded or mutilated in any way. (This is a UK athletics requirement and will lead to you being disqualified from the race)

Emergency Contact Details and Medical Details
If you suffer from any medical condition which may lead to an emergency, such as diabetes, epilepsy, high blood pressure, asthma, or taking any medication that may cause you problems when running etc. please inform the race organisers, so they can inform the medical support team.  On the reverse of the number you will find an emergency contact details and medical details section. THIS MUST be completed.  (This is a UK athletics requirement and could lead to you being disqualified from the race)

Course control and medical aid

All athletes from first to last will be under the supervision of RAYNET mobile communications.  They in turn will be in contact with their base unit at the start/finish area.  Excellent coverage is given by the Red Cross, who are very experienced in this type of event, and it is in your own interest to take any advice they may give you.  For your own safety, and to aid the Ambulance volunteers, please make sure that any existing medical condition and / or any medication being taken at the time of the race is clearly marked on the back of your number. If you feel unwell on the course please contact the closest marshal, RAYNET operator or Red Cross personnel. Look after your fellow runner: If you see another runner in distress, who is unable to contact a marshal themselves, please contact the next available marshal yourself or take appropriate other action. 

The finish
A digital clock will display the elapsed time. Your own individual time and position will be recorded by the race funnel co-ordinators. Any person failing to display a number may forfeit any prize (s) he may be entitled to.  If your number becomes detached, please inform the timekeeper at the finish.  Keep in your correct finishing order in the finish funnel and keep moving until well clear of the area.  Do not ‘run in’ with any friends, as this causes confusion. There will be water provided at the finish.
Any person who fails to finish the course or becomes injured should either make their own way back to the start / finish area or contact the nearest marshal / Red Cross / RAYNET personnel on route. There will also be a ‘sweep’ rider following the last runner on the 10k route. If you do not complete the course, please make sure you register your number with RAYNET or at the finish area, so we are able to account for all runners.

Awards presentation (11.30am (approximately))
Competitors will receive at most one award.  The awards that can be presented on the day will be given out at the finish area. The presentation will be at 11.30am approximately.  If you believe that you might qualify for an award, please ensure that you or your representative is available to collect your prize on the day.  There are individual awards for the winner of the 1.5k, 3k and 5k; in the 10k there are individual awards for the winner, the first woman, the first male vet and the first female vet.

For younger folk there will be the children’s play areas.

Results will be sent to all entrants by email or post. 

We would like to extend our thanks to the following people and organisations:
•Hertfordshire Constabulary for their help and guidance
•Kings Langley Parish Council and Dacorum Borough Council for their advice and support 
•Kings Langley Carnival for their financial help and support
•The Midshires Search and Rescue Service
•The 1st Kings Langley Scout Group for their invaluable support
•Kings Langley Primary School, Head Teacher Paula Harris, her staff and Team KLIPSA 
•RAYNET for their excellence and communications experience
•The Red Cross, without whose help we could not stage this event
•Kate Chadwick and Ed Chadwick for their help and assistance in the ‘run-up’ to the event 
•The myriad of officials and marshals who all give up their time voluntarily to ensure all goes smoothly. Please be nice to them out on the route, without them you would not have a race. Any runner who is rude to a marshal will be barred from future races.

For all enquiries regarding these races, please email: 


This is a 10k road race around the undulating country roads and through the village streets of Kings Langley, which is close to Junction 20 of the M25. The race starts and finishes at Kings Langley Primary School where there will be changing areas, toilets and refreshments. There are two car parks within walking distance but no parking on nearby streets or on site. All race profits goto local charities.