Kings Langley PuffaTen
10k, 3k & 1.5k race - Sunday 16th June 2019


By: Edward | March 06, 2019

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By: Edward | June 17, 2017

1.5k - 10:00am

3k/5k - 10:15am

10k - 10:30am

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By: Edward | May 12, 2017

The 5k runners will make a full ascent of the Coniston Climb on the second loop of the run. Who'll be the fastest up the Coniston Climb? Log your 5k race on Strava and join the PuffaTen club to find out.

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By: Edward | December 07, 2016

PuffaTen - Bryan Rycroft

PuffaTen 2014 10k - Congratulations to Bryan Rycroft at the age of 81 for completing the PuffaTen 10k.

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